Blue Cross Blue Shield Georgia Epic Fail

Blue Cross Blue Shield Fail

What happened to Blue Cross Blue Shield? A once proud company is now at the bottom of the heap when it comes to providing quality insurance and customer support.
In fact, it is so bad that many people are stuck on hold for hours at a time to get simple problems handled. Here are a few screenshots from their Twitter feed.

What kind of company keeps someone on hold for 6 hours? I thought that must be a joke until I spoke with someone in person who is having an even worse experience.
Apparently Kimberly P., from Georgia has spoken to BGBS over five different times dating back to November of 2013. Why so many times? Well, you see she is pregnant and wanted to make sure she had maternity coverage. It turned out she did not, so she went through all the hassle and hold times to get her policy changed.

After numerous phone calls, she was assured that as of January 1st she (and everyone else for that matter) would have maternity coverage and that there was nothing to worry about. Her doctor’s office had even called and confirmed that she had coverage, as all doctors’ offices are required to do.

However, just this week her doctor’s office called and said that she is now not covered for maternity, even though she has been paying a higher premium. Now keep in mind this woman has been pregnant for 9 months and her baby is due in 4 weeks.

So, what happens next? Well, if you guessed a 3 hour hold time only to finally be disconnected, you are correct. After her insurance agent was able to miraculously get through, you won’t believe the response she received.

The company is claiming that in January she elected to stay on her same policy, without maternity coverage. Remember, this is a woman who had been pregnant for 8 months at this point and tried 5 different times to get her policy changed.

She has dates, times and phone numbers on her cell phone bills to prove the conversations had taken place. The companies’ response? We only show that she called one time!

So, now with a baby due in 4 weeks, this woman has no coverage, even though she technically should according to Obamacare, and the fact that she tried for months to change her policy.

In short, stay as far away from Blue Cross Blue Shield as you can! Not only is their customer service the worst I have ever seen, but apparently they like to take advantage (scam) their own customers.

If owned Blue Cross Blue Shield stock, I would be selling it as fast as I possibly could. This is a company that won’t last long treating their customers like this!

Why Short Term Medical Insurance is Important

Short Term Health Insurance

Short-term medical insurance is available for individuals and families that need to have a safe area of coverage between jobs. Once you leave one workplace, and then transfer to another, there may be a lapse of time during which you and your loved ones are uninsured. You can also lose your coverage when you are laid off, fired, or if you quit a position. Some workplaces are required by contract to continue your coverage for a certain amount of time, but that period is typically no longer than three months depending on your agreement with your place of employment.

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For those that need medical coverage during this downtime, short-term insurance is an ideal solution. The actual length of “short-term” coverage depends on the type of policy that you are looking for. A majority of plans will last from 4 to 31 weeks, and can be renewed for a limited period as well. Most short-term plans only allow for three years at the most. Every state has differences in how short-term insurance policies are handled, so be sure to check with local regulations before you decide on the short-term coverage that will be best for your situation.

Why You Should Get It

The answer should be fairly obvious; if anything happens in the period between your employment and resulting coverage, then you will be paying far higher rates than you would if you were insured. The amount that uninsured patients pay when compared to insured patients is typically far higher, even when deductibles are taken into account. Hospitals often considered the uninsured to be financial risks, and thus add on additional costs. Something as minor as a broken leg could cost an uninsured individual more than what an insured patient would pay for a much more extensive injury.

Families need this type of coverage even more urgently, as your injuries may also mean that you will be unable to start a new job at the projected time. That means your downtime could be extended, and thus your need for insurance will be increased for that period. Choosing short-term insurance is the most sensible way to avoid this situation.

Who Needs It

Besides those who have left a position that offered it, employees who are hired at a new job may also require short-term insurance before they can qualify for a policy with their new place of employment. Your “probation” period may last as long as six months, depending on the terms of the company that you are working for. In that time, short-term insurance can provide you with very necessary coverage so that you will not be hit with higher costs in the event of a medical emergency.

In addition, new college graduates who are over the age of 25 may want to get short-term insurance until they have secured a position that offers benefits. Those who are under 25 may be able to get coverage through their parents’ health insurance policy.

What Are the Pros and Cons

Short-term insurance has terms and conditions, as does any insurance policy, and they should be reviewed before you decide on a policy for yourself or your family. Below is a list of the advantages and disadvantages that you will find with short-term insurance:


  • Often less expensive than typical medical coverage
  • Provides flexibility with which doctors and hospitals you can visit
  • May cover major surgeries, including transplants
  • May also cover healthcare services required for the home


  • Do not typically cover dental, vision, or childbirth
  • May not be easy to renew if you have a serious condition
  • Policies have a definitive period after which they cannot be renewed

In addition to these lists, there are also state laws which guide the standards of short-term insurance that need to be considered. Your state should have an insurance department which can answer questions that you may have about what type of insurance guidelines may effect your situation. States also effect the pricing that you will see in various quotes for insurance.

In Closing

If you’re not covered for an extended period of time, you may be exposing yourself and your family to unnecessary risks. While the costs of short-term insurance may be higher than you are used to through your own employer-provided insurance, the costs of going uninsured can truly blindside you.

Most short-term policies will provide coverage for children and spouses, so opting not to get coverage puts them at risk as well. If you’re looking for a way to get proper healthcare coverage until you get your next job, then short-term insurance is often your best bet. If you’re over the age of 65, you may not be eligible for short-term policies. Those with pre-existing conditions may also need to find an alternative to short-term coverage. Check the policy guidelines with a short-term provider to learn more about potential eligibility.

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